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Orientation of PC sheets at designing and installation

Internal edges of rigidity are located in cellular polycarbonate on length (which can be 3, 6 or 12 m). The panel in your design should be focused so that the condensate formed in it could flow down on internal channels of sheets and is expelled. 
At the device of a vertical glass cover of an edge of rigidity of panels should settle down vertically, and in a slope designs - along a slope. 
In the arched structure edge of rigidity should move in an arc. 
Note these conditions of installation at designing, calculation of quantity of panels, their cutting and, of course, at installation. 
For application cellular polycarbonate with the protective UV-stabilizing layer put on an external surface of sheet is used outdoor.The protective film has the special marks from this side of sheet. Not to be mistaken, sheets are necessary to be mounted in a film, and to remove it directly after installation. 
It is impossible to bend sheets on radius less, than the minimum radius of a bend specified by the manufacturer for sheet of chosen thickness and structure of mount technology of polycarbonate. 
It is impossible to break rules of orientation of sheets.

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