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A pointfastening of PC panels

Point fastening of cellular polycarbonate use screws and special thermowashers to carcase. 
The thermowasher consists of actually plastic washer with a leg (its height suits to a thickness of sheets), a sealing washer and a latched cover. Thermowashers will provide reliable and tight fastening of sheets, and also will eliminate «cold bridges», created by screws. Besides, the leg of a thermowasher, resting against a carcase of design, will prevent crumbling of sheets. 
For compensation of thermal expansion of an aperture sheets should have 2-3 mm more diameter of a leg of a thermo washer, and at the big extent of sheets should be extended at length. Recommended step of point fastening is 300-400 mm. 
It is impossible to fix sheets rigidly. 
It is impossible to use nails, rivets, improper washers for fastening of panels. 
It is impossible to draw screws. 

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