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Hermetic sealing of end faces of PC sheet

It is necessary to close end faces of sheets correctly. At vertical and inclined position of sheets the top end faces are tightly closed with the continuous aluminum self-adhesivetape, and bottom ones with the perforated tape interfering penetration of a dust and providing a flow of a condensate. 
In arch designs it is necessary to close both end faces with the perforated tape: 
Use similar color polycarbonate profiles. They are esthetic, convenient and reliable. The profile design provides dense fixing on the end faces of sheets and doesn't demand additional fastening. 
For maintenance of the flow of a condensate drill in a profile some apertures. 
It is impossible to leave end faces of cellular polycarbonate opened. 
It is impossible to stick end faces with a usual adhesive tape. 
It is impossible to close the bottom end faces of panels tightly.

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