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GPPS sheets

Sheets of polystyrene (PS) is a polymeric solid sheets (extruded polystyrene). We produce sheets from GPPS (general purpose polystyrene), sheets are transparent and light-scattering (not high impact). 
The main advantage of sheets of polystyrene is in a lower price compared to most other products (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.). When this consumer characteristics (optical properties, mechanical and thermo-vacuum treatment) meet the requirements of consumers.
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets
GPPS sheets


The size of sheet
2,05 * 1,25 m
2,05 * 3,05 m
Sheet's size depends on its thickness: 

2,05 * 1,25 m _ 1.5 (1.18) - 2 mm 
2,05 * 3,05 m _ 1.5 (1.18) - 15 mm
1.5 mm
1.8 mm
2 mm
3 mm
it is possible to order thikness 1.5 to 15 mm
prism clear
prism opal
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Economical operation

PS Novattro has cheap prices, sheet thickness from 1.8 mm

Optical purity

of the sheet is provided with the stage production "clean room"

Safe packing

protection during transport and storage


Sheets Novattro is a great lens for various lighting fixtures. Polystyrene Novattro Prism has the appropriate properties: maximum light transmission and diffusing, and opal diffusers Novattro create a cosy soft lighting. On request we can cut the sheets to the size of the lamp.

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Materials Novattro is a complex of transparent (clear and coloured) polymer sheets for a variety of advertising structures. 

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 «+»   « ― »  Features
Transparent (similar to plexiglass)  UV is affected to GPPS Light transmission 89-90%
Lightweight Flammable Density 1,05 kg/m3
High chemical resistance Need special adhesives  
High rigidity  Brittle (not flexible) Tensile strength 38 MPa,
Bending stress 95 MPa
Glossy on both sides It is impossible to bend (cold) The limit of the tensile strength 29,7MPa
 Good formability When forming required air filtration The softening temperature of 90-95°C
Moisture resistant (not moisture-absorbing)   The water absorption of 0.1-0.2%

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GPPS sheet Novattro_Fire certificates_RUS
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