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Connection and fastening of PC panels

For installation of cellular polycarbonate one-piece or demountable transparent and color polycarbonate profiles are used (the nomenclature of profiles «Novattro» includes connecting one-piece profiles for thickness from 4 mm to 10 mm, connecting demountable profiles for thickness from 4 mm to 16 mm and face profiles for thickness from 4 mm to 16 mm, the coloring includes 12 standard colors and you can order any colors). 
Installation of polycarbonate with one-piece profiles 
Sheets are inserted into grooves of the profiles suiting to a thickness of cellular polycarbonate. Profile fastening to longitudinal support of a carcase is carried out with the help of screws, supplied with thermo washers. 
Installation of polycarbonate with demountable profile 
Demountable polycarbonate profile consists of two parts: bottom - "bases" and top - latched cover. 
Installation of cellular polycarbonate: 
You should drill apertures of diameter slightly larger than diameter of screw with the step of 300 mm in "base". 
You should attach "base" with screws to a longitudinal support of a carcase and from both sides to lay sheets, leaving « thermal backlash»of 3-5 mm. 
You should latch profile "cover" on all length with the help of wooden carver's mallet. 
The profile end face is recommended to close with the special cap. 
During installation covering from cellular polycarbonate it is necessary to note:

- The standard sizes of sheets and their economic cutting, 
- Influence of wind and snow loadings, 
- Thermal change of the sizes, 
- Admissible radiuses of a bend of panels for arch designs. 
- Necessity of a complete set of panels with assembly elements (the connecting and face profiles, adhesive tapes, screws, thermo washers)

Standard width of sheets is 2100 mm. The length can be 3000, 6000 or 12000 mm. Edges of rigidity are located on length of sheets. Edges of sheets should settle down on bearing support of a carcase on their long side. Therefore longitudinal supports are established with the step of 1050 mm or 700 mm (+ a backlash on distance between panels). It is necessary to use special connecting profiles for connection of sheets among themselves with their simultaneous fastening to longitudinal supports of carcase. You should fix sheet by screws, supplied thermo washers near cross-sectional purlin. Basically, it is possible to mount sheet entirely, but practice shows that it is more harmonious and more reliable designs from panels of width of 1050 and 700 mm. During their installation the smaller quantity of thermo washers are used, and sometimes it is possible to manage without point fastening at all.

Correct choice of a step of longitudinal supports and cross-sectional purlin - the most important condition of reliability of a construction from cellular polycarbonate.

Angular connection of panels

If is necessary the interface of sheets of cellular polycarbonate at right angle it is possible to use angular polycarbonate profiles. 
Angular polycarbonate profiles reliably keep sheets and allow making angular connection imperceptible. 
Adjunction to a wall 
Use wall polycarbonate profile at an adjunction of sheets to a wall. 
Interface of panels in the skate 
"Wings" of ridge of polycarbonate profile have powerful capture - 40 mm - sufficient for reliable connection of sheets and their thermal expansion. 
Using other profiles be sure that they answer the given requirements of installation. 

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