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Thermal change of the linear sizes PC sheets

Thermal expansion/narrowing of material makes 2,5 mm/m for transparent and lacteous sheets, 4,5 mm/m for color sheets at a temperature range no more than +50 degrees of Celsius. A range of exploitation temperatures is from-40 to +120 degrees of Celsius. We recommend doubling this distance as it should be divided between both parties of sheet.

During installation it is necessary to consider property of polycarbonate to extend at high temperatures and to be compressed at low (see above). Thus, carrying out polycarbonate installation in hot weather it is necessary to establish a plate closely to the lock of a joint profile (when the temperature fall down the plate will decrease in sizes and will leave a necessary backlash for a condensate flow). It is necessary to make a space slightly more than the usual from the profile lock when the temperature is low. 

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