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SafPlast company — is the largest factory in Russia of production of multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheets and profiles, PET and GPPS sheets. 

Company mission is satisfaction of the international building market in modern, practical, ecologically safe and esthetic polymeric materials.

SafPlast is research and technology centre of innovation in the polymer industry.  One of our most successful developments is siteactivity Bio layer for polycarbonate Actual!Bio. We are also curators of the initiative group develop standard polycarbonate (released in 2016) and code of practice for design

Our Advantage


Product Assurance Declaration


High quality raw materials


Italian equipment and online support of the company OMIPA


laboratory & collaboration with research organizations


Optimum logistics (the factory is located in the Central part of Russia)


Transparent pricing and trade policies

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Our company policy

Mission of SafPlast

Satisfaction of the international and Russian market in modern, practical, ecologically safe and esthetic polymeric materials.

Aim of SafPlast

is to take leader positions in Russian Federation on volume, quality, assortments of manufactured production and to realize confidence of interested parties (consumers, suppliers, the personnel, public organizations.

Principles and intentions in the field of quality and preservation of the environment

  1. To extend the concept of quality to all kinds of activity of the enterprise: to carry out management of processes on the basis of documentary procedures of the enterprise; to regulate responsibility of workers of all ranks, from the general director to the worker, at execution of requirements of the integrated system of management;
  2. To observe quality of production not as end in itself, and as base for economic stability of the enterprise;
  3. To reduce negative influence of industrial activity on environment consistently and systematically;
  4. To support prestige of the enterprise on the mastered commodity markets on the basis of mutually advantageous partnership with constant consumers, to master new commodity markets by giving of competitive production and services;
  1. To establish and develop long-term partner relations with suppliers of raw materials, materials, the equipment;
  2. To carry out development of new kinds of production on the basis of the analysis of the perspective markets and concrete inquiries;
  3. To improve technology with use of the scientific developmental works, new kinds of raw materials and the equipment, and also to expand the technologies providing power saving up resources.

The principles and intentions in the field of ecology

Consistently and systematically to reduce the negative impact of production activities on the environment.

The basic implementers of the present Policy

  1. introduction, development and continuous perfection of the integrated system of the management corresponding to requirements of State Standard of Russia ISO 9001-2008 and State Standard of Russia ISO 14001-2007;
  2. voluntary certification of all kinds of released production;
  3. rational use of natural resources and capacities at all stages of industrial activity of the enterprise; systematic increase of requirements of ecological safety of productions, reduction of emissions and dumps of polluting substances, production wastes to environment;
  4. constant studying of the market, the control of opinions and inquiries of consumers;
  5. the control of possible ecological consequences at designing, building and operation of new technological lines, introduction of new, ecologically safe production technologies of production;
  6. maintenance of an openness and availability of the information to consumers, suppliers, the personnel and public organizations about quality of released production, plans and results of activity of the enterprise in the field of preservation of the environment;
  1. regular preparation and personnel improvement of professional skill.
  2. LLC “SafPlast “ management incurs obligations and carries responsibility for realization of the present Policy and takes all necessary measures providing its understanding of the enterprise by workers , including:
  3. to support the steady psychological climate of the enterprise which gives the opportunity to each member of collective to solve the problem of quality management and environmental contamination on the basis of qualification, experience, the initiative and understanding of the purposes of the enterprise;
  4. to create comfortable working conditions to workers of the enterprise and to raise culture of manufacture;
  5. to correspond to the declared requirements and constantly to raise productivity of the integrated system of management.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We consider it necessary to participate in such social activities as: special education, helping the needy and rendering honors to veterans of the great Patriotic war.

It is important for us to annually assist in the organization of events dedicated to the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

In support of the special education we provide free samples of products to institutions and educational institutions.


Ремонт площадки в реабилитационном центре Казань, Октябрь, 2013 год


Ремонт площадки в реабилитационном центре Казань, Октябрь, 2013 год