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The preparatory works (polycarbonate)

It is necessary to release end faces of sheets from packing and to protect them with the face tape before polycarbonate installation immediately. Thus the end face of sheet turned to a bottom, should be protected with the punched aluminum tape, and the top end face - with continuous aluminum tape (hermetic tape). If the top end face does not contact directly to environment, it is possible to apply an adhesive tape of suitable width instead of a special tape. In case if the top end face will be monolithic, is admissible to refuse application of a continuous tape in general. The bottom end face isn't exposed to be monolithic under no circumstances - it should be mounted openly for maintenance of an effluence of a condensate.

It is recommended to protect the punched tape at the bottom end face structured profiles with the russian “П” or “Г” letters, thus the profile should be mounted so that to provide a free exit of a condensate. (It is recommended to use profiles «Novattro»).

The short side of many face profiles on the sheet should be turned outside as only it has a protective UV-layer. Face profiles «Novattro» have a protective UV-layer on all external surface that gives more possibilities for installation and usage. 

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