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Rules of installation of polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets should be established so that the sunlight fell on the sheet side protected from UV-radiation. That side is covered by the marked film. Co-extrusion UV - layer protects sheet from change of properties throughout guaranteed exploitation term.

  1. Installation of cellular polycarbonate is carried out vertically concerning an arrangement of edges, in parallel length of an arch or a direction of a slope of a roof.
  2. Connection of sheets from cellular polycarbonate is carried out by usage of H-structured profiles (demountable and one-piece) during installation of designs. We recommend to use profiles of the mark «Novattro».
  3. Open edges of sheets are closed with the help of U-structured face profile either sticky aluminum hermetic or punched tapes.
  4. As a fixing element it is necessary to use cut pins, screws, the cutting carving or the self-screwed up screw which is in the complete set with gasket and washer of the wide area of support.
  5. For the control of thermal gap (about 3 mm/i. m.) it is necessary to provide free expansion of the material by the organization of the apertures which diameter exceeds fixing element diameter, or it is necessary to do oval apertures round fixing element to the direction of edges (about 1-2 mm).
  6. It is necessary to avoid direct contact of polycarbonate with metal or a tree during installation of designs from polycarbonate. It is recommended to use rubber gasket in diameter of 3-4 sm and thickness of 3-4 mm.
  7. It is necessary to paint surface of basic designs in white color for prevention of local heating under the sun rays influence.
  8. Cellular polycarbonate sheets should be established with a downgrade not less than 15 degrees. The biggest downgrade of a roof covering is preferable.
  9. For basic overlapping the minimum radius is equal Rmin=150d, where d - is a thickness of polycarbonate plate.
  10. It is necessary to use wooden boards of width> 40 sm during packing of sheets as spontaneously circulation of sheets is inadmissible.
  11. Considering ability of polycarbonate to heat accumulation , it is necessary to provide the organization of window leaves or transom at the rate of 30 % from the general surface of a glazing .
  12. It is necessary to remove a film after installation. Washing polycarbonate plates you should avoid the solutions containing concentrated alkalis, or aggressive solvents on their action as it can cause formation of microcracks on a surface of plates.
  13. For hermetic sealing of apertures or seams of plates apply only the neutral silicone which is not containing harmful substances for polycarbonate. The use of PVC gaskets is forbidden categorically.

During polycarbonate installation it is necessary to adhere of recommendations about admissible loads and the minimum radiuses of bending as each pressure, vibration or deformation change mechanical characteristics of the material and are capable to reduce time of its exploitation essentially.

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