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Manipulations with sheets during installation

During installation or cleaning it is impossible to subject polycarbonate sheets to influence of weight of the person. It is always necessary to use temporary wooden beams or other adaptations based on the portion of the roof structure (the board or the shield should have the width not less than 50 sm) on a building platform for movement.

The polycarbonate surface is very sensitive to mechanical influences. In contactto abrasive substances friction to rough surfaces scratches are formed. Try not to subject the material to similar tests and if there is a possibility, keep superficial protective film till the end of works. For the reason specified above, despite of strong properties, polycarbonate without a special firm varnish covering can't be applied as floor designs (podiums, ladders, scenes with internal illumination, etc.).

You should clean a polyethylene protective film at once after installation. Otherwise at long-term sun influence polyethylene can "become attached" to a surface of the sheet and its further removal will be complicated. 

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