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Cutting PC panels

Cellular polycarbonate and polycarbonate profiles are easily cut. For the most qualitative cutting use high-speed circular saws with an emphasis, supplied with an edge with the small not dissolved teeths reinforced by firm alloys. During cutting sheets profiles should be supported reliably in order to avoid vibration. Cutting by a tape saw is possible. 
After cutting it is necessary to remove a chipping from internal cavities of sheets.

Drilling of apertures

For drilling standard sharp metal drills are used. Drilling is made between edges of rigidity. The aperture should be removed from edge of sheet on distance of not less than 40 mm. 
Characteristics of drills: 

  • Sharpening corner - 30
  • Drilling corner - 90-118
  • Speed of cutting speed - 10-40 m./min
  • Speed of giving - 0,2-0,5 mm/tn.

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