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Arrangement of edges of rigidity of multi-wall polycarbonate

If at installation there is a probability of formation of a condensate inside of polycarbonate sheet, it should be established in such position that edges of rigidity were in vertical position for maintenance of an independent flow of moisture. The condensate is formed at humidity of air of 32 % for glass, 50 % - for 16 mm th polycarbonate and 68 % - for 20 mm th polycarbonate (the data is received at air temperature outside-20C, indoors +10С).

At sheet installation in horizontal position the angle of slope shouldn't be less than 5 degrees (9 sm to the meter of length of sheet) for maintenance of a flow of moisture. Irrespective of the chosen type of fastening the sheet always should be established so that edges of rigidity of sheet settle down vertically. 

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